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Kill Trip is a new sludge rock band from Denmark. On november 15, 2019  the band will release The album “Bury the Sky as a vinyl LP and on all major digital music platforms. The album has a common musical thread throughout the album, but the individual songs span from melodic stoner rock to sludge metal and punk.


Listen to these two selected tracks, which show the musical, vocal and lyrical range of the album (streaming and download):


[Bones of Winter-320kbsCBR]



Listen to the entire album here (streaming and download):


[Bury the Sky-320kbsCBR]

[Bury the Sky-WAV]


Feel free to share the tracks and album with colleagues. Please note that these are promotional tracks for editorial use only, such as reviews, news etc. and not for sharing with readers. The album will be available for the public on all major digital platforms and on vinyl LP on the release date november 15, 2019.


You are very welcome to share publicly Kill Trip’s released single “Bones of Winter” from these outlets:


This entire message can be downloaded as a pdf-file from here: [LINK]

A full press kit can be downloaded as a zip-file from here: [LINK]



The album “ Bury the Sky” is mixed and mastered by Jacob Bredahl (ex-Hatesphere) in Dead Rat Studio (Møl, Nyt Liv, Livløs, As We Fight) in Aarhus, Denmark. All songs are recorded by Dennis Guldmann Meier Jensen in Syg / Lyd Studio, Aarhus, Denmark.


Who is Kill Trip?

Kill Trip is a new band, but the band members have extensive live and studio experience.


Kill Trip is:

Vocal: Rasmus Justesen

Guitar: Thomas Gajhede

Drums: Karsten Gøeg

Bass: Claus Langkjær


All members have experience from energetic hard rock and metal bands, such as Oktan (Thomas, Karsten and Claus along with ex-Mnemic frontman Michael Bøgballe) and 9000 John Doe (Thomas). In 2014 Karsten, Thomas and Claus formed Kill Trip with Rasmus Justesen, who is composer and lead singer in the electronica duo Sun on Us and former lead singer in the indie band Made of Buildings.


Music - Vocals - Lyrics

Kill Trip delivers an in-your-face sludge rock soundtrack for the end of humanity!


The band plays sludgy riffs combined with energetic punk and hardcore elements. Justesen's vocals range from a dark and somber “Weltschmerz” tone to an aggressive “FUCK THE SYSTEM!” assault.


The lyrical universe circles around the desperation and frustration of poverty, drug addiction, death, the degradation of the climate, war, religion/spirituality, mysticism and the natural elements that surround us.


A special driving force is the fear of becoming the generation who will witness the demise of the planet.


The band is inspired by the bands they heard when they were young, like Down, Alice in Chains and Life Of Agony, but also newer acts such as Red Fang, Mastodon and Kowloon Walled City are inspirations.



Album Specifications


Track list

  1. Eyes of the Lake

  2. Bones of Winter

  3. Spit

  4. Locust

  5. Smoke Will Follow Me

  6. New Media Disease

  7. Go for Death

  8. An Ache in My Bones

  9. Bane of Man

  10. Into this Black soil





Art work

LP front cover: Beth Justesen

LP back cover: Unknown

Debut album of Kill Trip

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